Saturday 2 December 2023, 7.30pm

Apartment House perform Derek Baron, Pluto Bell, Erkki Veltheim, James Tenney

No Longer Available


Derek Baron - The Game of Letters
Pluto Bell - Saint-Girons
Erkki Veltheim - Heiligenschein
James Tenney - Timbres #1

Apartment House in association with Another Timbre present beautiful new and diverse work from Derek Baron (Reading Group), Pluto Bell, Erkki Veltheim and super rare James Tenney. Expect très belle-core, enviromental ahh, transcendental spectralism and true minimalism par excellence.

Apartment House

The group, created by cellist Anton Lukoszevieze has been captivating audiences for nearly 30 years, with performances of avant-garde and experimental music from all over the World.

The ensemble has been a firm fixture on the British concert scene, with regular performances at Café Oto and as an associate ensemble of the Wigmore Hall.

Apartment House has released over 40 albums, many on the UK label Another Timbre. Current releases include Pauline Oliveros - Sound Pieces, Magnus Granberg - Evening Star, Vesper Bell and Morton Feldman’s epic and mesmerising Violin and String Quartet.

Derek Baron

Derek Baron is a composer, writer, and teacher from Chicago and New York. They have released music with Penultimate Press, Regional Bears, OtoRoku, Recital, and other labels. Collaborative projects include the amateur chamber ensemble Cop Tears and the music/writing duo Permanent Six Flags. They also operate, with Emily Martin, the "Reading Group" record label for new and archival audio.

Derek's upcoming projects and releases include a cassette of live recordings with Malvern Brume and Ecka Mordecai, a new Cop Tears release entitled Our Favorite Music, a book with Permanent Six Flags, and a solo chamber/collage album entitled Holy Restaurant, as well as several scores for dance and film. The Game of Letters is a new chamber work written for Apartment House.

Erkki Veltheim

Erkki Veltheim (b. 1976 Finland) is an Australian composer and performer. His practice spans noise, audiovisual installation, improvisation, notated music, electroacoustic composition, pop arrangements and cross-disciplinary performance.

Pluto Bell

Pluto Bell is a Los Angeles-based musician. Their work explores visceral textures through both traditional and experimental sound-making practices. Having quickly developed a distinctive style and approach to composition, Bell has found a niche in the experimental music underground.

James Tenney

James Tenney (August 10, 1934 – August 24, 2006) was an American composer and music theorist. He made significant early musical contributions to plunderphonics, sound synthesis, algorithmic composition, process music, spectral music, microtonal music, and tuning systems including extended just intonation.