Sunday 1 September 2019, 7pm

Alien Jams presents: Wilted Woman & Nick Klein + Container + Davey Harms + Chloe Frieda (DJ)

No Longer Available

Fresh off the back of their recent release ‘Café Kotti’ on Alien Jams, Wilted Woman and Nick Klein will be performing a collaborative set in London for the first time. Berlin-based Wilted Woman - who also released her ‘Home Listener’ EP on Alien Jams in 2017 - collates her signature analogue electronics and glitch-ridden intricacies for this upcoming performance. Pairing up with Brooklyn artist and Primitive Languages co-founder Nick Klein (L.I.E.S., Alter, BANK Records, etc), ‘Café Kotti’ was recorded during the performance ‘Program: Etc.’, an exhibition by Domingo Castillo on November 10, 2018 in Berlin. Broken up into two parts, the haunting A-side skews eerily under-surface melodies that interlace with feedback, winding loops and noise, whilst the B-side teases in dark rhythmic patterns and pulsating synths to create an intriguing atmosphere.

Container is the stripped-down, beat oriented electronic project of Ren Schofield, who sculpts vicious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms. Playing a low-fi mesh of maxed out drum patterns, spiralling loops and mesmerizing arrangements makes for live music of serious weight and function, capable of both rushing the high-end dance floors of Unsound, Donau and Berghain, and banging the below-stairs basements of Europe into submission.

Davey Harms is a musician based in Providence Rhode Island. With releases spanning from Hasau Mountain to More records, he has also recorded under aliases Mincemeat or Tenspeed and World War. His work features searing noise textures to rigid techno structures... "though Harms’s sessions typically conform to a grid, his inclinations towards hard-swinging syncopation, non-linear percussion patterns, and closely layered lead voices spark each track into bizarre rhythmic layers that stack over the ceaseless base pulse. The timbres of his overdriven synths shift from blaring siren tones to almost guitar-like crunches, to bursts of toppling bass, each of which squeezes into the swollen mix for a moment before being forced out by the advent of other massive stimuli. Harms constructs improbable grooves from what seem like randomized staccato bursts, pitting some patches against the underlying flow while others elements provide the fuel for steady forward motion."

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