Monday 23 May 2016, 8pm

Alan Licht & Tetuzi Akiyama + GUO (Daniel Blumberg & Seymour Wright)

No Longer Available

Since the late 80s, Alan Licht and Tetuzi Akiyama have followed parallel paths in blurring the boundaries between rock and experimental music. Each collaborated early on with an elder statesman of the respective New York and Tokyo noise rock scenes (Licht with Rudolph Grey, Akiyama with Keiji Haino) and went on to define their own styles in various solo and group formats. The two first played together in New York in 2002, and then toured New Zealand as a trio with Oren Ambarchi in 2004, resulting in the 3” live CD Willow Weep and Moan for Me—a kind of deranged drone-blues that was an extension of Licht’s work with Loren Connors, Akiyama’s bent boogie excursions, and Ambarchi’s patented booming tones. A decade later, Licht found himself in Tokyo and arranged a duo recording session with Akiyama. Despite the long gap since their last meeting, the two’s shared sensibilities were intact, as Akiyama’s wobbly tones meshed with Licht’s oozing feedback. Ambarchi and cornetist Rob Mazurek  were contacted to provide overdubs, making for two separate trios; the results will be released by Editions Mego in April 2016. While the album was made with small amps in a private apartment, expect the live duo to put the spacious feel of those recordings into overdrive.

In collaboration with: Sound in Motion/Oorstof 


Daniel Blumberg - Guitar
Seymour Wright - Sax