Wednesday 9 August 2023, 7.30pm

5 GATE TEMPLE PRESENTS: Rocheman + Scattsman + Jennifer Walton & Daniel Evans + Emma Sheridan Stonework

No Longer Available


Rocheman is a musician from London. Performing songs from their recent album ‘Basin’. Joined by jb glazer and Loz Keystone.


SCATTSMAN by Emmanuel Shogbolu
Artist, Researcher & Philosopher | LDN, UK.

Jennifer Walton & Daniel Evans

Jennifer Walton (Cryalot) and Daniel Evans (Shovel Dance Collective, peb) combine for a set of droning doom with improvised electronics and cello. Weaving in and out of dark caverns to rapturous light.

Emma Sheridan

Emma Sheridan is an artist based in London…Selected work will be shown on the night.