Lot 38 – Old Heaven Books Cassette Bundle

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9 cassette taoes from Old Heaven Books - an independent bookstore in Shenzhen which has gradually established itself as a record label and publisher over the last decade or so. The label has released a dozen titles on CD, cassette, and vinyl, including live recordings of the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival by Otomo Yoshihide and Ruins and has reissued the works of 1990s Chinese underground pioneers Puppet and The Other Two Comrades. Old Heaven has also documented the creative output of a loose group of Old-Heaven-related artists - Mikami Kan, Mamer, Yerboli, Deng Boyu, and Lao Dan

Here we include 9 cassette releases & a copy of Derek Bailey's 'Improvisation' translated into Chinese.

- Shinpei Ruike, Hiroaki Mizutani and Shinnosuke Takahashi - Burning Bookshop

Lao Dan and Li Daiguo - Benbo’erba & Babo’erben at Old Heaven

- Iz - Kolengke

Guo Yongzhang - Old Man's Blues

- Mamer - Kêngistik

- Kan Mikami: Sad Songs for Tomorrow (edition of 300 , hand numbered)

This special release is a compilation album made to commemorate Kan Mikami’s performance at the 4th Tomorrow Festival on May 20, 2017. Available in three colours (red, blue, and black), each cassette is hand-numbered, only 300 copies have been released. A special lyrics booklet in Chinese and Japanese and a limited edition poster designed by artist Weizi have also been released.

- The Other Two Comrades: First (edition of 400, hand-numbered)

- The Other Two Comrades: Second (edition of 400, hand-numbered)

The Other Two Comrades was an avant-garde music group led by multi-instrumentalist Huan Qing. Active in the late-1990s and early-2000s in Chengdu, Sichuan province, the group was one of the cores of Chengdu’s earliest rock scene as well as a pioneer of experimental rock and avant-garde music in the Chinese underground. The band went on hiatus when Huan Qing left Chengdu in mid-2000s to focus working on folk songs and traditional music in Southern China. These two cassette releases are reissues of the group’s long out-of-print first two albums, both hand-numbered and limited to 400 copies. New artworks were made by woodcut artist Liu Qingyuan. 


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