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Photo by Xana


Xana is a freestyle live loop musician, sound artist, vibrational sound designer, composer, archival audio producer, spatial installation artist, bassist and theatremaker, who deconstructs words to make improvisational performances and composes scores for spaces through Xanas genres orchestral noise and thicc bass.

Xanas improvisational techniques have made way for Xanas work to feature in projects internationally as well as UK based across theatre, film, live installations, archiving, fashion and tech festivals.

Xana blends Xanas deep love and embodiment for Caribbean folklore, magical realism and science fiction in their live sets as a channel to burn down and build anew, inventing new streams of sonic layering and inviting audiences to be a part of making protest music that leaves you shook. Xana is the instigator of Soulcase collective, a sound research, inventors and music archive label for Black African and Caribbean people who invent new forms of musical creation and software.

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