United Bible Studies

For more than 15 years United Bible Studies’ folk-rooted sound has spanned spectral trad, krautrock-influenced improv and cosmic drones in a restless quest from atmospheric innerspace deep-dives to shamanic explorations of the outer wyrd.

Over 200 people have performed as members of the amorphous outfit since its inception in 2001, with the current performing roster including Alison O’Donnell from legendary 1970s Dublin psych-folk group Mellow Candle, Dom Cooper ex Owl Service, Matt Leivers of Awkward Formats, and Irish underground mainstay David Colohan of Raising Holy Sparks.

Hailed as ‘musicians who tackle folk in the best way possible; by taking the past, revering it and then injecting a modern perspective’ (Dusted) and ‘a mesmerising group sound, the sense of journey is epic on many levels’ (The Wire), United Bible Studies are always 'compelling, expectation confounding’ (fRoots Magazine) and ‘one of Europe’s finest when it comes to free folk’ (Evening Of Light).