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Todd Barton

For more than forty years, Todd Barton has worked as a composer, sound designer, multimedia performer and analog synthesist specialising in Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments. As well as Ursula K. Le Guin, Todd has collaborated with artists the calibre of the Kronos Quartet, Anthony Braxton and Zakir Hussein.

“Listen outdoors and the creek water you hear in Le Guin and Barton’s songs may sync up to the muddy river you’re passing; listen during a city’s winter and the percussive rhythm and bell-like tones will commune with your apartment radiator. These are sounds that seek to speak from then and beyond, to right now.” - Pitchfork

“Le Guin and Barton create a whole other world and they are inside it rather than outside looking in. And they invite us in, not even needing to invite us really because they know this world they’ve made is ours as much as theirs. There’s no Other here, we are all It.” - The Quietus