there are no more four seasons

“...from the ashes, something wholly new is created. It's as if the melancholy violin rises from the ruins and, like a postapocalyptic Mad Max, dusts himself off to continue towards new adventures. At that moment I refuse to believe all the predictions that classical music is withering away." (Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter, about the project reBiber)

There are no more four seasons is the name of a duo comprised of the electronic musician Mattias Petersson and classical violinist George Kentros. They take older pieces of music and recompose them in order to once again become relevant to our times. They are also quite the live band, playing everything from rock festivals to concert halls, as well as conducting workshops for conservatories and musically inclined youths. Their self-titled debut CD was named one of the ten best classical recordings of the past decade by Sweden’s biggest daily paper Dagens Nyheter, and Time Out New York called them a must see concert, writing that ”the result fits together more perfectly than any Ikea bookshelf.”

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