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Takatsuna Mukai

Takatsuna Mukai is a Japanese sound artist based in London. He has been active in his genre-defying works moving across the worlds of music, art, theatre and film, as a musician, composer, producer, director, writer, and actor. Past/Present collaborators include; British Sculptor Malcolm Poynter, poets Phil Dirtbox and Timothy Turnbull, London punk fashion label Charles of London, Croatian mime company Studio Lila, Slovenian theatre director Dragan Živadinov (NSK), Ballet Dancers Ksenija Kovač (Slovenian National Ballet/Opera), jazz flute player Rowland Sutherland, contemporary composers Alessandro Olla and Jennifer McConachie, improvisors/composers Adriano Orrù and Silvia Corda(Italy), Ben Davis (UK), Richard Pryce (UK), Genevieve Wilkins (Australia), Russian exile artist Oleg Yanushevskiy, and satirists Chris Morris and Uzi Weill (UK and Israel respectively). http://takatsuna.com/

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