SO SNER is a duo which consists of Susanna Gartmayer and Stefan Schneider. They started their working relationship in 2015 around the Approximation Festival in Dusseldorf. Gartmayer's bass clarinet polyphonies so impressed Schneider that he quickly suggested a collaboration. That same year, they began recording what was later to become their first album REIME in Kraftwerk's former Kling Klang studio, which in 2015 served as a community workspace and a concert venue. The second part of the album was recorded in the summer of 2020 in Dusseldorf at a church, whose interior wood paneling facilitated organic acoustics.

So Sner s sound is equally oriented towards experiment and tradition, whose roots can be traced ́ back to the UK of the early 80s: an era in which post punk, jazz, avant-garde and polyrhythm were blended with the help of intellectualism and punk attitude in such a way that manifold sketches of possible music emerged which are only being colorized today.