Sini Pelkki

Sini Pelkki’s work evolves from photography and moving image, often taking shape as installations. Moving from abstract narratives towards layers of spaces. At the core of her work is the subjectivity of seeing.

In her recent work Sheet No4 (2018), realized on 16mm Film, she invited four artists; Emma Hammarén, Johan Jonason, Magnús Logi Kristinsson and Keiko Yamamoto to collaborate and interact in different ways in the process of the work. Sheet No4 explores the borders of photographic image, a restriction and definition. Negotiation of ones space in reflection to others perception of a space. A Tension between different drawn outlines. The title refers to a contact sheet, a sketch of a photograph. In Length (2016) she was interested in rhythm, repetition and gaze; movement between watching an image and being lost in a picture. The length and distance between the figure and the camera, and the viewer and the image. The name also refers to transitions within the image. In 2018 Pelkki released her first work in book form Arranged Lines photographic works made between 2004 and 2018. The photographic works are build from individual images that evolve from another, always towards and in relation to the space they are inhabiting.

Sini Pelkki gained her BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art & Design, London and her MFA from the Academy of Fine Art, Helsinki (FI). Pelkki’s work has been shown in exhibitions and different Film Festivals internationally. She has worked at residencies such as Cité International des Arts Paris, Quartier21/Museums Quartier Wien and Focus AiR Stockholm. Currently she’s working with a new moving image work Departing Shadow. Pelkki is based in Helsinki, Finland.