Roger Eno

Having begun his recording career by working on David Lynch's ‘Dune’ with his brother Brian, BAFTA nominated Roger Eno has heard his music appear in such films as Danny Boyle's multi award winning ‘Trainspotting’, Adrian Lynes ‘9 1/2 Weeks’ and John Maybury's ‘The Jacket’.

Having decided very early on in his career to concentrate on music which creates atmosphere rather than dominates, Roger Eno's output is found to be ideal for visuals - his work in the theatre testifies to this, having been selected by Trevor Nunn to compose music for that director's highly acclaimed production of Harold Pinter's ‘Betrayal’ at the National Theatre, London.

When in concert, Eno makes use of 'visual backdrops' to his hauntingly sparse piano pieces, creating a seductive blend of moods which envelope the listener/viewer. In his installations he uses a chance method of composition, creating through a very simple process an ever changing musical texture.

He has exhibited such work at Tate Britain, Aldeburgh Fringe Festival and Kosice Festival in Slovakia, a Nocturnal Museum and isolated Medieval Churches.

In his role as band member, Roger Eno has shared the stage with such luminaries as Lou Reed, Jarvis Cocker, Macy Gray, Shane McGowen, Marianne Faithfull and Beck. He has recorded with the likes of David Gilmour, Peter Hammill and Tim Robbins, for whom he has acted as musical director.