Pia Arke

Pia Arke was born in Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland, and lived and worked in Copenhagen, Denmark. Arke is recognised as one of the Nordic region’s most important postcolonial critics. Through photography, collage, video, installation and writing, Arke examined the places where she lived as a child and the historical colonial relationship between Denmark and Greenland. Her work encouraged Denmark to re-examine the colonial history of Greenland. While she participated in a number of exhibitions during her lifetime, the first major survey of her work did not take place until after her death in 2007 with Tupilakosaurus at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and The National Museum of Denmark (2010), Copenhagen, both curated by Kuratorisk Aktion. Arke’s work has recently been shown and collected by museums including Louisiana, Copenhagen, Denmark; Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture, Odense, Denmark; and Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden. Most recently, her work has been shown as part of the exhibition Muros Blandos [Soft Walls] at Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile (2017-18).