Paul Buck

Paul Buck has been writing since the late Sixties. His work is characterised by its sabotaging of the various forms in order to explore their overlaps and differences. Through the Seventies he edited the seminal magazine Curtains, with its focus on feeding French writing from Bataille, Blanchot, Jabès, Faye, Noël, Ronat, Collobert and two score more into a weave with English and American writers and artists. While editing and translating are still a daily activity – in partnership with Catherine Petit, the Vauxhall&Company series of books at Cabinet Gallery is their responsibility – he also continues to cover new ground: Spread Wide, a fiction generated from his letters with Kathy Acker; A Public Intimacy, strip-searching scrapbooks to expose autobiography; Street of Dreams, a collection of essays. He helped Laure Prouvost to write her film Deep See Blue Surrounding You, around which her Venice Biennale pavilion, representing France, was based. His novel Along the River Run was published by Prototype in 2020 and was Crime Time's Book of the Month. Last year he drew three narratives into one volume as Indiscretions (& Nakedness) (Vauxhall&Company). His most recently completed narrative, awaiting publication, Lies, Lies & the Rapture of Eden, is a satire embedded in Whitehole.