Lynn Loo

Lynn Loo is originally from Singapore and currently based in London. Loo made a transition from a music background to filmmaking in 1997. She studied film and video at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and film archiving in University of East Anglia. 

A way to describe her films is that they are compositions of images and sound that suggest narratives or convey an event without text or words. Unfinished Symphony (2001, 16mm) and Floating (2004, super-8) are examples of that. 

In 2004, She was introduced to films made from makers involved in the London Filmmakers’ Co-op. Works specifically from the 70s. This has influenced her present work where the exploration of filmmaking has moved to an investigation of the celluloid and presenting works in a performance element with multiple projectors. 

Her first film from this is ‘0’ (2004, 16mm), followed by Vowels (2005, 2x 16mm). Letterforms printed onto strips of film that would also produce the soundtrack. Vowels is expanded to Vowels and Consonants in collaboration with Guy Sherwin. Her most recent work is a 2x 16mm projection performance piece, Washi #2 (2014). 

Since 2005, She has been collaborating with Sherwin in numerous film performances and projects. Her films have been included in numerous international festivals and galleries. Some of her works are in the collection of Asian Film Archive in Singapore and recently in He Xiangning Art Museum in China. She supports herself working as a Conservation Specialist at BFI National Film and Television Archive in UK

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