Livia Garcia

Livia Garcia’s recent artistic development focuses on her series of line drawings named The Silent Improvisers. Inspired by English Composer Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981) who pioneered on the idea of graphic scores to replace the conventional musical scores, Livia has developed a series of minimalistic line drawings incorporating dotted lines, numbers and letters. These drawings have been freely interpreted by improviser musicians in a number of live performances. Livia’s graphic scores come in different forms – firstly as pen drawings on paper and subsequently they have been further developed into silent moving images. Her projections have responded to previously in live performances by dancers and musicians such as Water Modulation Festival in Hong Kong (2018) and New Wind Festival in London (2017-19). With movements added to the still drawings, the scores which often look like pseudo codes aspire to provide some guidance and conductions to the performers.