LEE Shih-Yang

LEE Shih-Yang is a pianist who has been active in the fields of free jazz, improvisation and avant-garde in Taiwan in recent years. Studied classical piano at age six, Lee devoted himself to composition and improvisation after more than twenty years of classical and conservatory training. He is the founder and co-leader of the improvisation group Ka Dao Yin, and has played with the main bulk of classical and avant-garde musicians in Taiwan. He has performed with Sabu Toyozumi, Fred van Hove, Gene Coleman, Erik R. Lund, Hans Fjellestad and many others. In 2013 he is the first Taiwanese musician being invited to perform at the closing concert of MÉTÉO Festival Mulhouse, France. His latest live album Galactic Alignment with Fred van Hove has won the New York City Jazz Record's Honorary Mention of the New Releases of 2013, and nominated for the “Best Musician” of 5th Indie Music Award. He has performed in Hong Kong Arts Festival, San Francisco Arts Festival and etc.