Laetitia Sadier

Few musicians can claim to have made such a mark on the British music scene in the last thirty years. As a member of Stereolab, she’s released ten full albums, gaining along the way a large dedicated fanbase and acclaim that rightfully singles out Stereolab as "one of the most influential alternative bands of the '90s”. With influences as wide as Krautrock, bossa-nova and French pop, the band sculpted a truly original and distinctive sound, one that journalist Simon Reynolds describes as "always the same, always different". 

Following the band's hiatus in 2009, Sadier went solo. Aesthetically, her solo work is a clear continuity of her time in Stereolab, whilst remaining unafraid of change. New single "Then, I Will Love You Again" draws together strings, horns and a typically driven motorik beat, to produce a beautiful building love song that is both familiar and exciting. Aside from her solo work, Laetitia Sadier has collaborated with the likes of Mouse On Mars, Atlas Sound, The High Llamas, Blur and Common. She remains one of the most innovative and influential musicians of our time, making this coming show one that's impossible to miss.