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The Viennese based duo of Kutin | Kindlinger work across sound, video, sculpture and information technology. The duo seek points of friction within their investigations and interrogations of diverse media– the potential psychological twists between sound–image–object and place becoming form. Their artistic output takes in live audiovisual and sound art performances, sound design for film and documentary, field recording and industrial scale installation through which they seek to develop ‘technical prophesies’– an urgency to expand our awareness of sonic signals that usually remain undetected by our limited human senses– imbibing us with uncanny new perspectives. Co-founders of Ventil Records, Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger seamlessly offer a sculptural perspective– carving sonic textures out of well selected source-materials and favouring musical concept instead of genre– their mixed-media compositions and 'audio-films' imagine a world in which the tiniest sounds are amplified to an extreme level to create a form of acoustic-hyper-realism.

The duo’s artistic oeuvre includes film scores for Nikolaus Geyrhalter's sci-fi-esque scenes of abandonment in Homo sapiens (Best Sound Design, Diagonale Film Festival 2017), and industrial-scale research in the documentary CERN; as well as radiophonic soundscapes Desert Bloom produced with Christina Kubisch– a sonic-essay about erosion, decay and time based on unedited, raw audio-recordings from one of the driest deserts, the Atacama in Chile; and A Glacial Tune realising the resonant frequencies of a crevasse 3200 meters high in the Alps of Stubai, Austria, as audible effect referencing Alvin Lucier’s I Am Sitting In A Room. Kutin | Kindlinger present an iteration of Variations on Bulletproof Glass [IV in their Decomposition series– both an action and a resulting film detailed by Tristan Bath in The Wire #400, in which a 6 meter square sheet of bulletproof glass is attacked with weaponry, reminiscent of and reactant to, the duo’s trip to Sarajevo] whereby glass-panes are used as transparent projection screens as well as audio-feedback-paths using a multichannel audio-setup fed by tactile microphones.

Kutin | Kindlinger are generously supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum London.