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Kireme is a London based collective duo, Noriko Okaku (Visual) and Akihide Monna (Sound). Their first show untitled no.1 was performed at Barbican Centre, London in 2015 as part of The Station Station Exhibition by Doug Aitken.

Monna is a London based drummer from a band called BO NINGEN. He has played many festivals including Glastonbury, Coachella, and Fuji Rock. They are fusing disparate sounds and influences into a fierce, eclectic torrent of grooves and bringing them across the oceans. www.boningen.info
Okaku is a London based collage artist whose work incorporates with not only animation but also audiovisual live, installation and everyday products. Her work focuses on the conversation that can be engendered in a relationship between ‘objects and observer’. It is to examine how we, as human, can enrich the comprehension of self and others.

We are performing Closing day of the world (2019) 17’00” at Cafe OTO on 21 Aug.
This is a performance in consideration of memory by use of found film footage.