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Keir Neuringer

Keir Neuringer is a Philadelphia-based saxophonist, composer and writer whose work is underpinned by interdisciplinary approaches and socio-political contextualisations. He is best known for a personal and intensely physical saxophone technique, revealed through long form solo improvisations, and he has collaborated with a multitude of world-renowned and underground practitioners in jazz, avant-garde, noise, classical, theatre and dance disciplines. He has travelled extensively to present his work, appeared on numerous festival stages and given workshops throughout Europe and North America. In addition to the saxophone, he plays analogue electronics and Farfisa organ, narrates text (most notably with Dutch new music group Ensemble Klang), and composes largely outside of conventional new music scenes. He trained as a composer and saxophonist in the US, spent two years on a Fulbright research scholarship in Krakow and then moved to The Hague, where he lived for eight years, curating performative audiovisual art and earning a masters degree from the experimental ArtScience Institute. Originally from New York State, he settled in Philadelphia in 2012, where he lives with his family and advocates against prisons as a member of the Books Through Bars Collective.

Current collaborative projects include the east coast based liberation jazz ensemble Irreversible Entanglements (with poet Camae Ayewa), NYC/Philly improvisation trio Dromedaries, the Simone Weissenfels Trio (based in Germany), and duos with bassist Rafal Mazur, from Krakow, and turntablist Matt Wright, from Canterbury.

“...with Neuringer's music...mortal purpose is a given.” (Bill Meyer, September 2014 issue of Wire Magazine)