Jamie Harris

Jamie attended the Jazz diploma course in Chichester as a singer, which was were he met the saxophonist Marcus Cummins who introduced him to the music of Trevor Watts

In 1999 Harris was given the opportunity to organise a music group made up of young musicians for a concert to be musically directed by Watts .

This group continued to rehearse after said concert and it was during this first rehearsal with out a drummer in attendance that Watts handed Harris a drum and asked him to bang it.

The group eventually became “Trevor Watts and the Celebration Band”, where Harris served as percussionist. The Celebration Band toured USA / Canada as well as playing several concerts in the UK and Europe.

In 2003 Watts and Harris began performing as a duo, taking this project to Mongolia, USA/Canada, Mexico, The Dominican Republic and Brazil among other locations.

Between 2007 and 2019 Watts and Harris took a break from playing together. During this period Harris sang and played guitar and wrote songs for the band “Harris Attack” as well as performing in a duo with bass guitarist Roger Carey. From 2014 until 2021 he sang and played percussion with the Hastings based Trio “Afrit Nebula”

In 2019, after performing together at Trevor Watts 80th birthday party , an event organised by pianist and long time Watts collaborator Veryan Weston, Harris and Watts decided to resume activities playing as a duo.

In July 2021, Watts / Weston and Harris formed the group “Eternal Triangle”.