Haco is a composer, vocalist, electroacoustic performer, sound artist, and a founding member of After Dinner (1981-1991) and Hoahio. She has created numerous recordings both as a producer and engineer based in Kobe. In her live performances, she uses voice and self- programmed electronics as an organic method. With her "howling pot" performances, which make creative use of feedback, and "Stereo Bugscope," which captured oscillating sounds emitted by the circuitry of an electronic device, she had developed a new genre of art.

In 1999, Haco established View Masters, a “sound collection and observation organization” that seeks to select, extract and define sounds from daily life. In 2005, her CD Stereo Bugscope 00 was awarded a prize in the digital music category at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria. Her most recent vocal-based albums, Riska (2007) and Forever and Ever (2011) were released domestically, and have been highly acclaimed internationally. Her upcoming album, Secret Garden is set to be released on the Japanese label Nuovo Immigrato in March 2015. As a sound designer, she has also taken part in collaborations with contemporary dancers in Japan, Australia, and France.

“My view is ‘no borders’ when it comes to sounds for creating new music. I want to open my ears and find the rhythm and tone for all ofthe sounds in my life.” – Haco