Godspeed You! Peter Andre

Godspeed You! Peter Andre

Dark electronic duo set to collide the world of pop royalty with deep industrial witch music. Magic dimensions built by Kaskie (Death of Money / SVNTREADER) & Emer (Water / Fat Out). GSY!PA started jamming together in January 2017, initially playing around making slow darkened versions of 90’s pop songs. Based at the Islington Mill in Salford, the duo first met back in 2008 when Fat Out put on Death of Money and Emma continued to be the Salford promoter for Kaskie’s band and other solo projects. Kaskie moved to Manchester from Cardiff in 2015 and started his electronic solo project SVNTREADER, immersing himself in the North West experimental music scene working with Ex-Easter Island Head, Gnod & Vanishing. Emer moved to Manchester from Milton Keynes in 2007 and started Fat Out within 6 months of moving up. In 2015, having never played in any bands before, Emma formed the improv ritualistic noise band Water and began her exploration into making music and live performance. GSY!PA explore the realms of the dark psyche, taking the audience from depths of deep meditative intensity to rhythmic industrious beats.

"At the same time, something even darker is transpiring, delivered by the duo known as Godspeed You! Peter Andre. The black-clad room already packed out as the duo begin the flood the space with ominous chanting, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere of dense fog not unlike This Mortal Coil or the more gothic, experimental edge of the 4AD record label, with digitally-altered voices sounding demonic with repeated cries and screams equally parts commanding and pleading. Suddenly, the jackhammer beats take over, and Godspeed You! Peter Andre coalesce into a Downward Spiral-era Nine Inch Nails mesh of organic decay and technology-assisted power, dominating the stage and leading the crowd into dance." – BAG THING on performance at Sounds from the Other City 2018

Forthcoming events

Sunday 31 March 2019