Eleni Zervou

Eleni Zervou (b.1994, Athens) is a visual artist currently based in London. After completing her BA in Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts, she studied at Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art supported by the I.Latsis Postgraduate Scholarship. Through her practice, Eleni attempts to de-construct and unlearn hierarchal narratives of her upbringing as a white, middle class woman born within a heteronormative, nuclear household in Greece; exploring notions around family, the East/West binary, gender, class and race. Using world-making and storytelling methods via comics, film, installations, and performance she creates seductive landscapes of horror. Eleni has been a member of the Contemporary Art Showcase Athens(C.A.S.A) aswell as the performance group “Allopix” since 2015 and has participated in exhibitions and performances in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany and the UK in various venues including: Saatchi Gallery -London, UK, Benaki Museum -Athens, B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation -Athens, Athens Conservatoire (Documenta14), Fabrica del Vapore in Milan (BCJEM17), Santral Istanbul, Studio-X Istanbul and Documenta Halle in Kassel(Documenta14). web: elenizervou.wix.com/elenizervou instagram: @zervou.helen