Dawang “yingfan” HUANG

Born in 1975, Huang Dawang began as a self-taught bedroom musician in his mid-teens, and left many recordings unreleased. After returning from a five-year-and-half stay in Osaka, Japan, with experiences of sessions and live performances in Kansai, he has been known as the most active figure in the realm of outsider music in Taipei's underground scene, and been invited and commissioned to perform at many events. Among his projects, “yingfan's Blackwolf Nagashi” combines comedy songs and storytelling, which is best known as his lifework. Other joint music projects based on improvisation and power electronics include: the harsh noise duo Taipei Hot Winter; the psychedelic blues trio 'Les forts invisibles'; and the sound recording and improvisation group, Minkoku Hyakunen, for which their 2012 release Project Integration / Intervention Into Tenryu City won the Honorary Mention of Sound Art and Digital Music in Prix Arts Electronica that year. Huang also worked as a performing artist, actor, director, visual artist, writer and translator. He is featured in numbers of films, including TPE-Tics (2015) by Lin Wan-yu which is the first documentary follows his life story. The film will be screened at DocHouse in London on 26 May as a related event.