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Chinese Cookie Poets

Chinese Cookie Poets is a Brazilian trio from Rio de Janeiro that started in 2010 with Marcos Campello (electric guitar), Felipe Zenícola (electric bass) and Renato Godoy (drums). A surly rock, physical and ludic; A rocker free jazz, with a stop-and-go esthetic and breathtaking dynamics in short compositions. A live concert from Chinese Cookie Poets is always a blend of brutal intensity and meticulous interventions with strictly arranged compositions but with blank spots for improvised sections without sounding as two diverse areas. After releasing two EPs, they released in 2012 their first full-length album called Worm Love, featuring composer/guitar player Arto Lindsay in one track. In 2013 they released Danza Cava, a collaboration with Brazilian trumpet player Nicolau Lafetá. In 2014 Chinese Cookie Poets released their fifth album called ■ and toured around Europe doing 8 concerts in 6 countries.