The Blumbergs

''Saul Blumberg was born in 1987, Daniel Blumberg was born in 1990 and Ilana Blumberg (milliner)was born in 1993. Lesley Blumberg was born in Newcastleupontyne 1956, the same year that Laurence Blumberg was born (in winter). Rex Blumberg’s 3 legs atm, Laurence and Izette Blumberg both worked at the bookies together.I miss our Bombley Blumberg!!!!!!!!! Saul Blumberg is going to be currently on Farming hiatus and will be filled in by Kenichi Blumberg. KenKen was born in 1936 and left dad's car keys in his car keys. At Home with the Blumbergs vol.1 will be (released in the summer ) on The Blumberg’s record Label the Blumbergs Recording Company Ltd go to for special offers’’ the evening standard