Bertrand Denzler

Bertrand Denzler is a Swiss and French improviser/composer/saxophonist.

He has toured extensively in Europe, North and South America and Asia, solo or with groups and ensembles such as Sbatax, Trio Sowari, Hubbub, Onceim, Denzler-Grip-Johansson, The Lair, The Seen, Zoor, Denzler- Guionnet-Mattin-Unami, Baron-Denzler-Guionnet-Rives, Denzler-Koch, Sunny Murray Duo/Trio as well as with countless other musicians.

He has taken part́ in over a hundred discographic publications on some fifty labels including Potlatch, Matchless, Mikroton, Confront, Umlaut, Insub, For 4 Ears, Creative Sources, Ambiances Magnétiques or Leo.

He has composed pieces for numerous performers and ensembles, as well as for film and theatre. He has also worked with artists from other disciplines (dance, sculpture, video, poetry, performance).

He has published texts on music, including "The Practice of Musical Improvisation" (Bloomsbury Academic) in collaboration with J.-L. Guionnet and "27 questions for a start" in collaboration with B. Beins and Ph. Durrant.
He has also organised concerts, given lectures (e.g. at Ircam), and led improvisation workshops (e.g. at Instants Chavirés).

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