A Producer/DJ from Paju, South Korea. They create track-objects that closely tie into their emotional reality, different every time they approach a new project. Their releases include [Guidelines](Éditions Appærent, 2021), [2020](Self-release/Helicopter Records, 2020/2021), [why are you so lost sweetie](Self-release/Podunk Label, 2019/2020). Their most recent work [Guidelines] EP positions Pungmul, one of the Korean traditional music genres, in a splitting club experiment that defies any native percussion sounds. In the heavy-hitting tracks, each hit remains in an imploding state of balance, creating a blurred, blunt sensation that fails to reach a consentient image of a physical instrument. In [2020], a compilation of works released online before and after creating [Guidelines], bela found peace in the quiet isolation, musing on the idea that the music can subconsciously affect a person’s core value system by altering their long-forgotten emotional basis. bela is a co-runner of Sorrow Club: a mixed event series focused on creating a comfortable and safe space for all types of music to be played and enjoyed by everyone. As a DJ, they are currently interested in making personal playlists for their 1+ hour bus trips to Seoul.