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Alexander Tucker

Alexander Tucker is capable of creating immense sounds on such a grand scale that it is astounding to realize that it is (mostly) all the work of just one man. He is one of Britain’s most forward-thinking songwriters and sound sculptors. Whether through collaborative work with Imbogodom, Grumblin Fur, Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley (and countless others) or through his solo projects that survey drone to folk ballads, his is an unusual talent.

His early work in hardcore band Suction (which took its musical influences from Swans and Fugazi, Tucker says) provided a template for the kind of sound he would start to explore throughout the 90s: noisy, punky and arresting. However, perhaps it is his own take on music that is most thrilling; his fascination with improvised sound and field recordings are a huge part of his soundscapes, along with tape loops, cello, mandolin, FX pedals and, at one point, the hum of the trains that were part of his domestic soundscape while he lived above Warren Street station.

From his early teens Tucker had concurrently been developing his interest in improvisation and experimental soundscapes, using detuned guitars, tape loops, field recordings and electronics. In early 2000 he recorded his first solo self-titled album of acoustic finger-picking, experimental electronics and spooked vocals, released on Jackie O Motherfuckers U-Sound Archives label.

Tucker went then on to combine compositional song structures, drones, layered vocals and improvisations on his 2005 album “Old Fog”, released on ATP Recordings. This collection of spectral moods, eerie landscapes and fragile emotions was followed by “Furrowed Brow”(2006) and Portal (2008). 2011 saw the release of “Dorwytch” the first for Thrill Jockey Records followed by “Third Mouth” in 2012.

The unknown explored in his visual art is adventurously traveled on “Don’t Look Away” (Thrill Jockey, 2018); the music, lyrics, and artwork all work in tandem to conjure a universe that feels as fantastical, and mysterious as it does familiar and warm.

While a new studio album is scheduled to be released in august 2019 (via Thrill Jockey), Alexander is working on a new modular set up, layering mutant beats and electronic noise sequences, a modular project the artist refers to as Alexander Tucker presents MICROCORPS.