Café Kathak - excerpts from ‘One’

The internationally acclaimed Kathak dancer/choreographer, Amina Khayyam treads new ground presenting Kathak in a way never before seen, with a set featuring the form’s intricate mathematical ‘compositions’ that are spoken as parhant or expressed by footwork. Here collaborating with India’s ‘A’ list Tabla artist Debasish Mukherjee, she freefalls into the rhythms, pushing the first beat of the cyclic time, the ‘one’, to its extreme computation, nesting it until it returns to the ‘one’ again; in the process reinforcing the fundamental principle of Indian philosophy and classical arts - of the cyclic phenomenon, where there is no beginning or an end.

The set presents Kathak compositions from the company’s stage production of ‘One’ which explores the idea that we are all but refugees of that cyclic phenomenon, questioning how we have become territorial of our habitats.

With Jane Chan on parhant and Natalie Rozario on cello