20 February 2022 Watch


On 20 February 2022, DXG convened a discussion and listening session around the writing of Octavia Butler with Rasheedah Phillips, co-founder of Black Quantum Futurism at Café Oto. A time/space that returns to and departs from the Constellation 8/∞ ( Octonionic Constellation), a ‘Sonic celebration of OCTAVia eSTELLE’ produced by Rasheedah Phillips and Camae Ayewa of Black Quantum Futurism Collective on 11th January 2015.

Octonionic Constellation was the second in an ongoing public programme convened by DXG for thinking with the idea of xenogenesis formulated by novelist Octavia Estelle Butler. An idea that runs throughout Octavia Butler’s oeuvre from Patternmaster, 1971, Kindred, 1979, Wild Seed, 1980, the Xenogenesis trilogy of Dawn, 1987, Adulthood Rites,1988 and Imago, 1989, Parable of the Sower, 1993, and Fledgling in 2005.

What animates the idea of Octonionic Constellation is the aspiration to hold open a time and a space to think with the ideas of Octavia Butler. Think of Octonionic Constellation as a programme for verbalising the letter and the spirit of Octavia Butler’s dangerous visions. Think of DXG as one out of many vectors engaged in thinking with Butler’s fictions for thinking otherwise. Fictions that provide us with thought experiments for thinking otherwise. Fictions of temporal abduction. Fictions of the denaturalization of the human. Fictions of planetary extinction. Fictions of alien intimacy. Fictions of the eugenic imagination. Fictions of racial distinction. Fictions of kinship under duress. Fictions of enforced migration. Fictions of asymmetric love. Fictions of capitalist servitude. Fictions of theocentric hegemony. Fictions of the process philosophy of religion. Fictions of genetic evolution.

Curated and produced by The Otolith Collective, London, supported by the BxNU Institute, a collaboration between BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Northumbria University, the Royal College of Art School of Architecture International Lecture Series and Café OTO

Funded by Arts Council England

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