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24 October 2018 Watch

Anton Bruhin Spills The Beans

For his first ever appearance in London Anton Bruhin selected bits – even unreleased material – of his work, mostly the poetic and musical aspects, but also some of his visual work from a career spanning 5 decades. Although he has officially stopped performing, he gave a brief live performance for London, because he felt the people of this city would understand his very particular artistic output and the humour inherent within it. 

Titles mentioned:

Duriand - Anton Bruhin und trio Markus Fluckiger (2000)

Hottentotten - Christian Zehnder - Krah (2007)

Mazurka - HujGroup - Nois Alts (2003)

Trumpi (Excerpt) Directed by Iwan Schumacher (1999)

Rotomotor (Excerpt) Taken from the CD re-issue published by Alga Margin (2001) originally published by Sunrise.

Speech Poems (composed / produced 2006–2008):

- ABC für Anglophone
- Aughtone Brooheene
- 1st poem
- 2st poem
- 3rd poem
- down the river
- coffee kreamkream
- 99neeneenee99
- thrupht

Many thanks to Lia for introducing and translating, Tom White and Marc Masters for producing the evening and editing the film, and the Swiss Arts Council for paying for Anton's trip over to the UK.