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08 June 2017 Watch

Keiji Haino and Peter Brötzmann

Outsider music promoters Miles of Smiles organised a pair of shows for legendary Tokyo noise musician Keiji Haino back in 2011. The first night saw Haino play with Matthew Bower’s Voltiguers, and the second with Brötzmann. Haino and Brötzmann's musical partnership dates back to April 1996 when a Japanese tour yielded the CD 'Evolving Blush or Driving Original Sin.' Their collaboration was further developed during a handful of subsequent engagements including the 2008 Berlin JazzFest and the Rice Media Center, Texas. The duo also made two records with Jim O'Rourke - Two City Blues (Trost). Thanks to Miles of Smiles for putting on the shows, and to Sarat Babu who shot this gorgeous film.