XT - Pah CD

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Paul Abbott: Drum kits, percussion, computer.
Seymour Wright: Alto Saxophone, feedback

Pah’ is a monolithic document of the shared improvisational language of saxophonist Seymour Wright and percussionist Paul Abbott, also known as XT. One piece, just under eighty minutes long, begins in the well-traveled territory of contemporary free-jazz, with Wright and Abbott falling into a supersonic velocity that they don’t give up until a strange English folk music marks the end of their set; the audience clearly taking a second to register the proceedings. Recorded live in 2015 at London’s Café Oto, the duo almost immediately ejects/(r)ejects the typical free jazz tropes as Abbott and Wright spin off into conflicting repetitions and cycles, only to morph and move again just at the point that the listener becomes comfortable. The addition of Wright’s use of feedback and Abbott’s heavily deconstructed electro-dance textures takes Pah’ from elegantly brutal blow out to truly 21st century music, and fits perfectly into the experimental formal and timbral languages of label mates Nate Wooley and Paul Lytton.

Track Listing:

1. Pah’ (79:19)

Recorded live at Café Oto, 24 November 2015 by James Dunn
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Abbott
Design by Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright