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Sheng Jie – Oviparity

First solo LP from Maybe Noise collective member Sheng Jie.

"I always feel that the cello is a kind of instrument that is full of sorrow and narration, like an aged intoning the past repeatedly and sadly alone. In my ordinary work, the concept of “narration” is always excluded on purpose. Or, it is taken as a part that I don’t want to deal with but have to. Thus, the cello, which is particular but unitary for me, can express a kind of true emotion which is very “clumsy”, because true emotions always seem to be clumsy by being direct and parched. This album emphasizes the concept of “performer”, which refers to the one, the fingers, the power and the immediate state of the breath when playing the instrument, without overmuch decoration and editing, or splendid and adept performing skills. Each track was performed and recorded from start to finish once and once again, in which some mistakes were retained and chosen reasonably. The name of each track is made from the names of gods in Bon religion. Those gods are the creators of the beginning of the universe. Their original form is egg, which transformed into space. The time and space structure they created was bulks of passivity. That’s Bon religion’s descriptions of the universe and the world. If certain cognition of forms must be given to gods and time and space, the best description that breaks the linear conception would be the space of “passivity”, in which music was born. The world view of oviparity is full of uncertainty. It grows and dies under a set structure of bulk.
-gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie


Composed and electronic cello performed by gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie
Recorded by gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie in Beijing, China, 2018.
Mixed and mastered by Cyril Meysson, In Saint-Etienne, France, 2018


Reverse-board heavy cover, 3-spines, printed with Pantone silver metallic ink. Limited edition of 300 copies, hand-numbered

“Composed with an electric cello and some effects, the album moves elegantly from delicate plucked melodies to harsh, bowed walls of noise, elegiac drones, and densely looped and layered chords” - Josh Feola