Set Ensemble – Stopcock CD

Founded in 2010 in Oxford the Set Ensemble is dedicated to the performance of experimental music and contemporary composition. All of the members of the ensemble are also composers and they often write for one another, using the ensemble as a testing ground for new ideas, developing and rehearsing pieces together. This process is a collaborative endeavour with the score acting a material among many, directing or shaping actions within a complex field of activity. 
This disc contains six such compositions by Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Paul Whitty and Bruno Guastalla, the scores for which are all text or instruction based. Running the gamut from tonal instrumentation to fluxus antics, sometimes even within one work, this collection refuses to sit tidily within one strand of contemporary music, reflecting the broad influences and practices of the ensemble's members.
The CD is packaged in a 7" sleeve with letter-pressed back panel and digitally printed 4 panel leaflet, see scans attached.