Rosso Polare – Cani Lenti CD

Cani Lenti is a collection of duels, some may say. As the two minds of Cesare Lopopolo and Anna Vezzosi converge, a dichotomy of harmonious and contrasting sounds ebb, swirl and clatter in and amongst themselves. Using techniques from call and response improvisation, tape manipulation, experimental music and free-form folk, their approach to music making feels both atypical and familiar, organised and free-flowing, rooted and landless. Like the films of fellow Italian film-maker Alice Rohrwacher, Rosso Polare's music feels grounded in the earth, but sprouts and spreads in strange and often anachronistic ways. 

The duo describe this album as it’s a struggle – a skirmish – that strives to resemble filmic sonorisations and forgotten sounds. Together they lead us on a journey into the depths of Chthonian Music. - (Fielding Hope - Cafe Oto)

Reissued with additional, previously unreleased tracks, Cani Lenti expands on the landscape depicted so far, with the idea of a sonic imagery which feel interstitial between organised “musical” sound and a more unorthodox, earthy and chtonian root linked by field recordings and a human cacophony close to natural biophony.

Glass master compact disc in cardboard ecopack with additional inner artworks

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