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“Invested in questions around how the lived presence of speech might be committed to a form, Rebecca Wilcox considers the approaches and structures that host (artistic) work. Through a lens that gives emphasis to multiple iterations, she looks to an idea of expanded publication as a driving force. Can text or typography become an object through which we understand the current moment? Rebecca Wilcox will explore the spaces and durations in which language and experience coalesce. Manuel Chavajay is an active painter and sculptor. Dealing with local histories of indigenous struggle, he set up a collective that depicts these memories as murals around shops, both uncovering suppressed stories as well as conserving the original language of Tz’utujil, in which many of the texts of the murals appear.”

Published in conjunction with Rebecca’s & Manuel Chavajay’s exhibition This Might Be A Place For Hummingbirds at CCA, Glasgow in 2015.

Published by Hour Projects

A5, 36 pages

Black & white digitally printed

Softcover, 2015