Maggie Nichols & Peter Nu – Nichols'N'Nu

Recorded in London in 1985. Includes the whole of LP LR 127 "Nicols 'n' Nu" and half of LR 145 "Don't assume."

DOWN BEAT wrote of Maggie Nicols: "She is more than the best singer since Rita Reys; she is truly on par with Betty Carter, Sheila Jordan, and Jeanne Lee, the best of the American post-modernists." "... she is terrific enough to make up for England's having inflicted Cleo Lane on us."


Peter Nu / piano

Maggie Nicols / voice


Artwork by Lora Denis. Recorded by Chris Lewis. Produced by Leo Feigin. Remastered for CD by Alan Mosley.

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC 


1. Don't Assume - 21:34
2. Touching Faces - 2:51
3. Dynamite Dream - 3:39
4. Kids - 9:30
5. Chad's Blues - 3:25
6. After The Storm - 1:02
7. I Could Write - 1:24
8. Moments - 8:10
9. One Note Leads To Another - 17:36


Maggie Nicols

Maggie Nicols joined London's legendary Spontaneous Music Ensemble in 1968 as a free improvisation vocalist. She then became active running voice workshops with an involvement in local experimental theatre. She later joined the group Centipede, led by Keith and Julie Tippets and in 1977, with musician/composer Lindsay Cooper, formed the remarkable Feminist Improvising Group. She continues performing and recording challenging and beautiful work, in music and theatre, either in collaborations with a range of artists (Irene Schweitzer, Joelle Leandre, Ken Hyder, Caroline Kraabel) as well as solo.