Hen Ogledd - Bronze LP

Originally formed as DAWSON-DAVIES: HEN OGLEDD by avant folk savant Richard Dawson and improv harp pioneer Rhodri Davies, now they’ve dropped the surnames and become a trio with the addition of Dawn Bothwell, who also performs altered electronic torch songs as Pentecostal Party. It’s been a transformative move, Dawson playing guitar, iPad and a panoply of table top knick knacks, Rhodri cleaving new spaces open with his blazing harp splutterations, with Bothwell’s sweet and sour voice and electronics taking the three of them down unexplored avenues littered with hypnotic diversions and long moments of delirium.

Made over a day and night in the mid-winter 2016, BRONZE was recorded in the space of the former Star and Shadow Cinema. Hollow, cavernous and stripped back to its bare bones the dilapidated building-shell still vibrating with the near and distant sounds of crucial Newcastle expression. 

Dawson, Davies and Bothwell are joined from afar by medieval traveller/ virtuoso Laura Cannell on double recorders and New Zealand free-jazz heavyweight Jeff Henderson on blink-and-you'll-miss-it Timpani, on this glistening and sinewy record.... A heady and funny-tasting punch of early 90's synth, dark-ages thumping, space boogie, wild plays and vocal delays, electric crow song, utter nothingness and folkish mumblings. A carnivorous shredding of the old and ethereal reach to new beginnings.