Calum Storrie – 36 Elevations

Artists book of imaginary architecture / follies.

I began this seires of drawings with something else in mind. The first picture was to be drawn freehand but I took a wrong turn straight away in that I set up a structure using a set-square around which the composition would be based. I realised that the structure was already a dominant visual element of the drawing and that it dictated the nature of the lines. So, instead of the rough drawing I had envisoned, I went along with the hard edges of the outline. Stairs and ladders were part of my thinking from the outset as they suggested both moevement and scale. The pages on which I drew were removed from an already ruined ex-library book on the Tate Gallery. These pages show the traces of tipped-in colour plates and, all but one, are individually stamped: HORNSEY COLLEGE OF ART LIBRARY. I drew in black ink in three sizes of technical pen: .50, .35, and .25. When I started there were 37 usable pages in the book. I drew 37 elevations one of which I destroyed.

Calum Storrie, 2020

Calum Storrie

Calum Storrie is an artist, writer and designer. He has designed exhibitions for, among others, the Royal Academy, Wellcome Collection and the Museum of London (most recently ‘London Calling’). His book the Delirious Museum is published by Bloomsbury. His art practice takes a number of forms from drawings of imaginary architecture to collage and single line, spontaneous drawings of live performances. He has considered Cafe Oto his second home since it opened in 2008.