Bohman Bohman Ghikas and Thomas - Four Perfect Balls LP

Four Perfect Balls Bohman Bohman Ghikas and Thomas Extremely limited £20 vinyl release: 200 numbered copies ‘Shopping list stickers‘ sleeve design by Vincent Oliver Includes digital download code 

Four Perfect Balls is a blend of speech, layers of multi-tracked free improvisation using unamplified objects and modified instruments, field recordings and computer generated synthesis. Speech content is derived from a collage of original writing and Police Training Manuals, pulp potboilers, recipes, menus and information relating to the North Sea fishing economy. These improvised interactions took place in the headphone soundstage rather than the live space. The edited results are pieces that self-subvert, gyrating between pulseless baroque pointillism, post-rock-ist incoherence and word beats. For almost 20 years Adam and Jonathan Bohman, Panos Ghikas and Richard Thomas have worked together, as live performers in the large ensemble The Bohman Extended Family as well as in other splinter groups and ad hoc formations. This is their first LP as a quartet.  

Adam Bohman: objects, voice

Jonathan Bohman: objects, oscillator, guitar, voice

Panos Ghikas: violin, bass, unreal-time audio

Richard Thomas: guitar, voice, found sounds, other sounds  

Performed over 3 sessions in 2014 at Boundary Studio, London.

Edited and compiled by Panos Ghikas and Richard Thomas.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Panos Ghikas Migro Records © 2016