Billy Steiger - Recordings, drawings and photographs from in and around Frîdd Newydd, December 2014 - December 2015 CD

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Beautiful CD set including 10 prints

“Another interesting way that Néillidh used the natural environment in his music was that near his home was a small lake with a rock face just behind it. Néillidh would stand just in front of a large rock near his home and play a phrase on the fiddle, bouncing the sound off the water and the rock face behind it then when the echo came back to him he would listen back to what he had played. He sometimes played along with the echo of his own playing adding in variations and harmonies.”

Sleeve notes to A Feeling in the Blood - Néillidh Boyle, Rab Cherry and Dermot McLaughlin

“Then he sat down by a pond and began to play a tune. As he played, the most extraordinary thing happened. One by one the fish in the pond began to jump out and fly about in the air. And what is more, they were all different colours and they were singing to the music.”

Patrick, Quentin Blake.


Billy Steiger’s first album of solo violin recordings.

The Ten Recordings:
Some were recorded outside, some were recorded inside.
Wood carried inside, wood carried outside.
The first and tenth tracks are Festival Music.

The Ten Drawings and Photographs:
They are reprints of monoprints. (Two have photographs).