Tuesday 14 April 2020, 7.30pm

Quelle Chris

No Longer Available

Quelle Chris is a New York-based producer/lyricist/artist making some of the most idiosyncratic, critically-acclaimed and exploratory hip-hop today.

His music explores themes that are both grave and humourous, satirical and deadly serious…where some artists saturate the market, hoping that a hit here or there will buoy their commercial profile, each Quelle Chris album is distinct and fully-realised: see 2017’s Being You Is Great, I Wish I Could Be You More Often, an off-kilter probe into the ways we see ourselves, or see 2018’s collaboration with Jean Grae, Everything’s Fine, which was biting satire for the dawn of a new dystopia and was adored by critics, being named to ‘best album of the year’ lists by countless publications, including Pitchfork, The Wire, and Bandcamp, who dubbed it the best album of 2018.

GUNS, his most recent release, is “an arsenal of...sounds, styles, and subjects, taking a thorough look at “the words we say, what we fear, how we love, how we live, what we ingest, what we believe in, who we idolize, shit like that.” - Quelle

“…a large-scale reaction to America’s current political climate…” - The Needle Drop

"Guns is an album made for the uncertainty of modern America, looking at the world from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints to paint a holistic picture of the chaos..." - HipHopDX

“Guns isn’t just about the devastation we see with our eyes…it’s also about the journey to reconcile internal havoc and re-emerge with a stronger sense of self.” - Pitchfork


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