Sunday 10 December 2017, 7.30pm

Music for Bass Clarinets with Tim Hodgkinson + Chris Cundy + Yoni Silver + Jason Alder + Heather Roche + Shadanga Duo

No Longer Available

Five bass clarinets with new and contemporary pieces by Ton de Leeuw, Georges Aperghis, Christian Wolff, Iancu Dumitrescu, Francisco Castillo, Michelle Lou, Rebecca Saunders, Luis Aguirre, Hannes Kerschbaumer, including “Gnomon”, a new piece for four bass clarinets written by Thanos Chrysakis.

The programme also includes new music written for the Shadanga Duo (flutes/clarinets).


- Simulacre IV (bass clarinet) Georges Aperghis (Yoni Silver) 10 min.

- Mountains (bass clarinet + pre recorded part) Ton de Leeuw (Chris Cundy) 17 min.

- Oshún Olodí (flute + clarinet) Luis Aguirre (Shadanga Duo) 7 min.

- gryet.debris (flute + clarinet) Hannes Kerschbaumer (Shadanga Duo) 7min.

- Gnomon (four bass clarinets) Thanos Chrysakis (Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cundy, Yoni Silver, Jason Alder) 15 min.


- Nuclear Aura (clarinet) Iancu Dumitrescu (Tim Hodgkinson) 12 min.

- Monólogo Fantástico (bass clarinet) — Francisco Castillo Trigueros (Jason Alder) 9 min.

- Cerulean (bass clarinet) Rebecca Saunders (Heather Roche) 15 min.

- Entwined Equinox (alto flute + alto clarinet) — Thanos Chrysakis (Shadanga Duo) 11min.

- Isn’t This A Time (for five bass clarinets)— Christian Wolff (Tim Hodgkinson, Chris Cundy, Yoni Silver, Jason Alder, Heather Roche) 15 min.

- Telegrams – (bass clarinet + electronics) Michelle Lou (Heather Roche) 10 min.