Monday 13 April 2020, 7.30pm

Another Timbre presents: Federico Pozzer + Lucio Tasca

No Longer Available


Breath II (Federico Pozzer)

Lucio Tasca / guitar
Federico Pozzer / piano

Breath II is a 40-minute composition for piano and guitar in which players’ musical-actions are matched to musicians’ breathing. Breathing phases (inhalation, exhalation, and pause) work as time regulators that shape the temporal dimension of the single action and the interaction of sounds. Due to the unpredictable differences in players’ breathing, what happens in Breath II is a gradual shift between guitar and piano parts, so that the duration and the combinations of sounds between musicians constantly vary. ‘Time slows down. The music ebbs and flows intriguingly, a variegated mosaic of sounds that seems larger than the two instruments’ (Ben Harper, Boring Like A Drill). Breath II is part of the album ‘Breaths’ released by Another Timbre in 2019.

-Info and Interview

-Review of ‘Breaths’ (Ben Harper, ‘Boring Like A Drill’)

Federico Pozzer

Federico Pozzer is a composer, pianist and researcher. His practice explores ways to use players’ breathing to foster the emergence of unpredictable and indeterminate situations. He is currently working on his PhD research ‘Breath as musical regulator in composition and performance’ at the University of Leeds. Recently, his series of text scores 'Breathing Instructions' has been published in the 2nd issue of IM-OS. His CD ‘Breaths’ has been released by Another Timbre in May 2019.

Lucio Tasca

Lucio Tasca is a composer and guitarist born in Palermo (Sicily), based in the UK. His music focuses on pitches, repetition, gradual transformation and fragility, with a non-goal-oriented approach. Recent pieces have been performed by Francesco Dillon, Ensemble Impronta, Christopher Redgate, Dejana Sekulic, OHHe Supercluster, and Kathryn Williams among others. He holds a Master’s in Composition from the University of Huddersfield where he studied under the supervision of Bryn Harrison. Recent album releases include One Breath for solo Flute in Kathryn Williams CD Coming up for Air (Huddersfield Contemporary Records), and as a guitarist, music by Ryoko Akama, recorded with Apartment House (Another Timbre) and music by Federico Pozzer (Another Timbre).