Wednesday 29 August 2018, 7.30pm


This exhibition presents a selection of Tony Brooks’ work, since joining Headway East London in 1998.

Each Thursday, for the past 20 years, Brooks has produced a new drawing. His drawings often tell stories. Sometimes his lines form into words, autobiographical accounts or limericks. Curated by Zara Joan Miller, this retrospective will include works on paper alongside sculptural, projected, video and text-based pieces.

Men on horseback are recurring figures in Brooks’ portfolio. There are also men in wheelchairs and many birds in flight. Using the walls and windows of Cafe OTO, Brooks’ drawings will be given the space to exist together in a single room - inviting the tying of various threads and themes across his work.

Billy Steiger and Tom Wheatley have been playing with fellow Headway member, Sue Talbot. The trio will perform some of Tony’s favourite songs during the evening.

This event will be a fundraising event with proceeds from tickets going to Headway East London - a local charity supporting people affected by brain injury.

Original drawings and prints will be on sale and available to order.

Billy Steiger

Billy Steiger was born in Howth on the 16th December, 1986. Now he plays the violin.

“Then he sat down by a pond and began to play a tune. As he played, the most extraordinary thing happened. One by one the fish in the pond began to jump out and fly about in the air. And what is more, they were all different colours and they were singing to the music.”

Patrick, Quentin Blake.

Tom Wheatley

Tom Wheatley plays double bass:

         - SOLO

         - with Daniel Blumberg & Billy Steiger – HEBRONIX

         - and electric bass with Seymour Wright & Billy Steiger – CYNTHIA

         - with John Edwards – YOKE

         - with Mark Sanders & Yoni Silver – NAX/XUS

         - with Grundik Kasyansky & Yoni Silver – DENIS D'OR

and in other emergent and/or ancillary groupings.

Tom Wheatley lives in London.